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Hi Readers,
Thank You for your time to visit my blog, Essence of Life – Food.”
    All these years I was sailing along in my all little world, dabbling with my family – my loving husband and wonderful kids.  Surrounded by an aura of love and care. The idea of creating this blog stemmed from a desire to dedicate my precious time to Essence of Life – Food,” a sweet little corner of the internet where I can share my passion in the best possible way.
    But why did I choose the name “Essence of Life?” Well, I believe that food is an essential part of life. Not a day goes by without indulging in the culinary pleasures it offers. What we eat profoundly impacts our existence. Food, prepared with love, not only nourishes the body but also enriches the soul. My blog is a celebration of everyday cooking, where simplicity meets taste and health.     
    The sensory experience of food, its aroma, flavour, and taste, has the power to awaken cherished memories. I am a self-taught cook, and it was my husband who recognized my passion for cooking and encouraged my culinary experiments. My culinary influences are deeply rooted in traditional home cooking, but over the years, I've infused fresh ideas and recipes into my repertoire. 
    Most of the recipes you'll find here on Essence of Life – Food,” have been gathered over the years from family and friends. Some are adapted from cookery books, magazines, blogs, and TV shows. Occasionally, new recipes are born from my culinary adventures in restaurants. Some are my very own creations, while others have been refined through my personal touch. Through countless “Trials and Errors,” I've curated the best recipes to share with you. Each recipe on this blog has been meticulously tested in my kitchen, ensuring they are not just easy to make, but also delicious to taste. I also welcome you to share your favourite recipes with me; feel free to email them if you'd like to see them featured on my blog.
    The spark of starting a blog was born in my mind, but it was the unwavering support and encouragement of my family that turned it into a reality. All have played crucial roles in making this blog come to life.
My Husband – for the encouragement
My Son – for his straightforward comments, technical support and 'Photographs'
My Daughter – for total support and 'Photographs'
My Brother – for Technical Support & Ideas.
     “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”  The captivating photographs you see here are the work of my talented daughter. I must commend her for her meticulous planning and creative ideas behind each picture. However, in recent years, I've also ventured into photography, learning the ropes of amateur photography myself. It's a continuous learning journey, and I firmly believe that “Life is a Learning Process.”   
    Growing up in a typical South Indian family in Coimbatore with family roots from God's Own Country & married into a Christian household, can give a simple reflection of what you can expect to see in this blog. But, living in Malaysia – the food haven, travelling to a few other countries, reading about Food, their Origin, and Cuisines have certainly influenced my cooking style and have drastically changed my preconception about Food.  It has expanded my culinary horizons. I'm an adventurous foodie who loves to try new cuisines and recipes that tantalize my taste buds. The Southeast Asian cuisine, with its unique ingredients and cooking methods, has significantly shaped my culinary style. 
    While Indian recipes are close to my heart, you'll also discover a delightful mix of Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Singaporean-inspired recipes on “Essence of Life – Food.”  Additionally, you'll find a sprinkle of Arabian and Western dishes that frequently grace my dining table. This is my way of paying tribute to these diverse cuisines and culinary influences.
    Nothing brings me more satisfaction than cooking and hearing how people enjoy my food. Your feedback is invaluable, and I strongly believe that opinions can pave the way for improvement and perfection in my culinary journey.
Discover My New eBook! — “What I Cook – For Onam
    In addition to my love for cooking and sharing delicious recipes here on "Essence of Life – Food,” I've recently embarked on a new adventure – writing an eBook“What I Cook – For Onam”, This eBook is a culinary journey that encapsulates my passion for food and cooking. It's a collection of some of my favourite Onam Sadhya recipes, cooking tips, and personal anecdotes that I've carefully curated for you. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or just beginning your culinary exploration, this eBook is designed to inspire and delight your taste buds.
Feel free to contact me via email at essenceoflife.sm@gmail.com
Warm Regards & Happy Cooking



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