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          Gajar Halwa/Carrot Halwa (Gajar means "carrot" in Hindi & Halwa means "sweet" in Arabic) was introduced into Indian cuisine during the Mughal period.  It is widely famous in Northern parts of India, especially in Punjab and in Pakistan.  Once the secret maintained within Punjabi households have found its way into our kitchen too...
          There are many versions of cooking Gajar Halwa(Carrot Halwa), some recipes are simply prepared along with Milk, Sugar and Cardamoms. Some recipes call for Mawa or Khoya which gives a rich texture to Gajar Halwa(Carrot Halwa).  But my favourite recipe of Gajar Halwa is always the one with Milkmaid Condensed Milk.  In this recipe, I have used both Milk and Condensed Milk, I slow cook the ingredients in milk and sugar until the flavours are well infused and attain a perfect texture.
     I acquired into this measurement after few Trial & Errors, as usual.  Thanks
for the patience... my dear & nears maintain... always trying and tasting my kitchen experiments.

Cuisine : North Indian
Recipe Type : Sweet, Dessert
Difficulty : Medium
Serves : 3 - 4
Author : SM  

Preparation Time : 15 - 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 30 - 45 Minutes


For Gajar Halwa :

Carrots - 4 Cups
Milk - 2 Cups
Condensed Milk - 1/2 Cup
Ghee - 3-4 Tbspns
Cashew nuts - 10-12 Nos.
Raisins  -  10-12 Nos.
Almonds - 5 Nos.
Cardamom - 6 Pods.
Sugar - 2 Tbspn.
Salt - a Pinch

Method :

  • Clean, Peel and Grate the Carrots.
  • Grind the Cardamom seeds with 2 tablespoons of Sugar, into a fine powder.
  • Heat Ghee and saute the grated Carrots in it until they turn transparent.
  • Pour the Milk to sauteed Carrots and cook on a low flame until the milk dries up and carrots turn soft, stirring occasionally.
  • When Carrots are cooked, add condensed milk and cardamom powder.
  • Add a pinch of salt and mix well(Optional).
  • Cook on a low flame until you get the desired consistency, stirring continuously.
  • Garnish with roasted Nuts and Raisins to the Gajar Halwa and mix well.

Notes :

  • Adjust the sugar or the amount of condensed milk to increase or decrease the sweetness. 
  • Grinding cardamoms with sugar will yield a fine powder.
  • Can fry the nuts and raisins in ghee, or even can dry roast them.
  • Can add more ghee if preferred. 
  • Adding a pinch of Salt is to balance the taste in Gajar Halwa.

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